The Driver drag-races the Devil, in order to earn James Brown his soul.

While escorting an elderly man to an undisclosed location, The Driver is confronted by a van full of armed men and is warned that the old man has stolen a large amount of diamonds.

The Driver is hired by the FBI to help defuse a hostage situation.

The Driver drives a wounded diplomat, who carries a mysterious briefcase, while under helicopter attack.

One of the best examples of driving it like you stole it.

I mean, who doesn't like a good burn out?

Black Badge is not just an aesthetic – it is an experience.

Range Rover is the original luxury SUV and has led by example for 50 years.

In addition to the new Smartphone Pack, Jaguar and Land Rover have made a number of other key enhancements.

The Lexus LY 650 is a 65-foot Lexus yacht and the fourth Lexus flagship, joining the LS sedan, LX SUV and LC coupe.